Business analyst

Gearheart is looking for a Business Analyst

We need a business analyst who understands and accepts the client's pain in order to find the perfect solution and turn the concept into a powerful technology product.

What our business analyst does

  • Works with customer needs. Identifies and analyzes the problem that the client wants to solve.
  • Draws up and analyzes the requirements for a future product. To do this, he conducts questionnaires, brainstorms, competitor analysis, studies documentation, and uses other methods. Analyzes problem areas and suggests improvements.
  • Creates a concept. Formulates the concept of the solution and formalizes it in the technical task. Divides requirements into categories and details them in the form of specifications. Gives an estimate of labor costs and duration of work.
  • Works with teams. Consults developers and testers when creating a product, and also maintains constant communication with the client.

What our business analyst knows

Our business analyst with 3 years of experience in a similar position and knowledge of English at the Advanced/Fluent level develops functional architecture and works with large information systems. Knows how to describe business processes (UML diagrams, Use cases), knows methodologies for collecting and analyzing information, writes high-level documentation, and technical specifications. Knows how to work with TASK and bug tracking systems, and also understands the software life cycle. Familiar with the basics of programming and testing. Deeply analyzing, attentive and sociable person.

Since we are a distributed team, it is important for us to be self-organized, follow processes, and not be afraid to make decisions on our own. We ourselves plan our schedule from 6 hours a day and use it as productively as possible to deal with cool projects, grow professionally, and have time to rest not only on paid vacation.

We also work together to improve internal processes. We improve English, write articles, read books, take courses, and attend conferences. We celebrate the holidays and travel together (note: adjusted for the pandemic).

To get acquainted, write about your experience and professional achievements to [email protected]. You can also write about your hobbies right away, share interesting information, or tell a funny story.

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