Looking for a HTML/CSS CODER

We are looking for HTML/CSS CODER to join our team on full-time basis


We are developing a competitor for and Our client is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong technical background, who also finances the development.

Our project is not worse than competitors, with a chic design and even more features. We have a customizable editor, like in Confluence, and a formula system, like in Excel, and organization of data storage and migration, while the user can create data types himself. 


There are 36 mature smart guys in the team. We do not have juniors and generally have someone to consult with. We need the same mature independent people who are passionate about web development. And now we look forward to welcoming HTML/CSS Coder with a strong understanding of best practices in UX and layout and expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Our workflow is clearly defined and organized, but overall it is based on the fact that everyone knows what they are doing. Thus, we have no division by levels and roles between project members. The manager distributes the work, and each teammate has the full right to make decisions and implement whatever he sees fit. That being said, you just need to be prepared to justify your decision in front of colleagues.


  • Good understanding of JavaScript concepts.
  • Understanding of best practices in UX and layout.
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for rapid prototyping.
  • Expertise in Design Systems and Responsive Design.
  • Proficiency in ReactJS.
  • Experience with Storybook and Bootstrap (preferable).
  • Experience with Git and GitHub.
  • Understanding of all major browsers and the special considerations required for all various quirks.
  • Experience in component-based architecture, such as design and refactoring.

If you are active and communicative, with an emphasis on leadership, attentive to detail, focused on UX, and have an Upper-Intermediate level of English, this will be a plus.


  • Remote full-time employment with 24 calendar days of vacation (+ public holidays). 
  • An insurance package from Best Doctors. 
  • Separate budget for training, which can be freely used to buy books and courses.
  • Paid training time (up to 8 hours per month).
  • Compensation of 50% of the English courses cost.
  • Weekly speaking clubs.

Everything, of course, is officially contracted. So, in general, we offer pleasant conditions and a good salary.

A thing worth mentioning is the hourly payment, and, accordingly, time tracking. At the same time, of course, there is always a workload and there are no situations when tasks suddenly ended (in theory, if there is such a thing, downtime will be paid, which is indicated in the contract).
To get acquainted, please write to [email protected]

These are your future colleagues

Looking information on how we work?

We use an agile workflow, based on Scrum. The workflow is tweaked to let us work effectively as a dedicated team, even with the difficulty of working with clients in significantly different time zones.

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