Nikolay Korovenko

Role: QA EngineerTime together: 2 years

I love technology and everything related to it, so I found a way to connect my life with it and became a QA engineer. I love music, so I create music. I love movies, so you can ask me about any movie actor or characters he has played and I will probably give you the right answer. I love mixed martial arts and have been training since I was 5 years old.

These are some of Nikolay’s projects


Work Management Platform

Country: United StatesTechnologies: React, Angular, Django, Python, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Typescript, Kubernetes, WebSockets, Node.js, CypressTime together: 3 years until nowTeam: 3 PMs, 2 BAs, 12 developers, 6 HTML/CSS coders, 5 Automation Engineers, 8 QAs