Yurii Mironov

Country: UkraineRole: Full-stack DeveloperTime together: 4 years

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Three things can be said about me with absolute precision. I'm a software engineer, musician, and backpacker. By the way, in my native language, it sounds in a rhyme;)

These are some of Yurii’s projects

Apr 15, 2024Technology
Lazy Promises in Node.js

Promise is a powerful tool in asynchronous programming that allows developers to call a time-consuming function and proceed with program execution without waiting for the function result.

Sep 8, 2023Technology
Smooth React virtual scroll with fixed rows/columns

One of our ongoing projects, Neptyne, introduces an Excel-like grid written in React. We used a library to apply virtual scroll to it, but we stumbled upon a problem with fixed rows and columns inside the grid. Here I would like to describe this problem, how it occurs, and how we handled it.

Nov 29, 2022Technology
React Performance Testing with Jest

One of the key requirements for modern UI is being performant. No matter how beautiful your app looks and what killer features it offers, it will frustrate your users if it clangs.

Jul 21, 2022Technology
Codemirror: unit-testing codemirror react components

One of our recent projects includes the functionality of an inline code editor. This code editor needed to be highly extensible and have custom features. To address this, we chose Codemirror v6 due to its peculiar architecture - it is highly customizable, and all the additional features are provided into codemirror engine as Extension objects.