Nikolay Budnikov

Country: UkraineRole: QATime together: 5 years

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My hobbies are music, movies, and quests. So what about you? Would you like to discuss this? :)

These are some of Nikolay’s projects

Time Tracker

Project management and time tracking system

Country: UkraineTechnologies: Angular, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, SassTime together: 5 years until nowTeam: PM, BA, 1 developer, QA

Creating a Project Management Tool

Country: United StatesTechnologies: Angular, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Solr, Sass, AWSTime together: 2 years Team: PM, BA, 4 developers, QA


Feb 08, 2017Business
How to Build a Website like Yelp?

Yelp is one of the most popular websites where users have a possibility to find the right services and check the reviews. Let's see how you can achieve the same.

Nikolay Budnikov
Nikolay Budnikov