Jul 14, 2021

6 Types of Apps That Are in High Demand for 2021

Let's talk about the most in-demand apps this year, which are expected to continue their momentum.

Marina Sharapova
Marina Sharapova

Statista predicts that by 2024 there will be about 184 billion apps downloaded, of which 139 billion will be in the Google Play Store and 45 billion in the Apple App Store. The numbers are really impressive, and we can see that several types of mobile apps are most in demand. Let's talk about the most in-demand apps this year and which are expected to continue their momentum.

So, according to the same Statista for March 2021, we see such a distribution among the most in-demand phone apps in the App Store.

The figures can be compared to the types of Android apps in demand for Q4 2020. As you can see, there are slight differences.

And before we move on to a more detailed discussion of the options for possible on-demand apps, we will briefly list the features of developing applications of different types: hybrid, native, and web applications.

Hybrid apps usually run on iOS, Android, and Windows with the same set of codes. In general, hybrid applications are less expensive to develop and easier to maintain.

Native applications often have broader functionality because they are built for a specific type of operating system. Native apps are also faster and scalable in terms of performance.

Web applications require an Internet connection, although some features may also be available offline. They are extremely convenient for use on various devices and are highly scalable compared to alternatives.

So what kind of apps are in high demand?

Gaming Apps

In 2020, AppAnnie calculated that, on average, players spend 4.2 hours daily playing mobile games on their smartphones. Of course, this market is huge and offers great opportunities for app owners to make money from advertising and other activities. At the same time, high competition forces us to develop truly addicting games with many options and realistic graphics. Puzzle, Casino, RPG, Strategy and Simulation are ranked in the top five most popular categories of gaming applications.

Business Apps

Applications for work have always been among the apps in demand. Today, it is difficult to imagine a company that does not use corporate messengers, various CRM systems, schedulers, and so on. But the complete lockdown has taken the need for business applications to the next level. Suffice it to recall the boom of Zoom with 300 million downloads in the second quarter of 2020. If earlier remote work was one of the options, today it is the norm, and most people work this way. Therefore, business apps are at their peak of popularity today.

Education Apps

As with business apps, COVID has significantly increased the demand for quality online learning platforms.

In addition to classic apps and platforms with many courses, and apps that act as corporate universities in companies, there is a strong demand for courses with which you can develop your hobbies — for example, learning to play the guitar or drawing.

Lifestyle Apps

We can include a wide variety of applications in this segment. These can range from shopping, travel bookings, personal productivity and beauty apps to pet walking services apps and more. By the way, shopping and travel applications have the highest retention rates. In general, this is not surprising.

Utilities Apps

Absolutely everyone uses these applications — and so often that they don't even notice it. We set an alarm almost every day, translate some phrases in a translator, open PDF files, use a calculator, or block spam calls. The pool of such applications is so large that there are many choices for where to develop your ideas.

Entertainment apps

Music, video streaming, reading apps, and similar categories have received a huge boost since the quarantine began. 

Consider Gearheart as Your Long-Term App Development Partner

We never set ourselves restrictions in the categories of applications developed and the areas of their use. And perhaps our best success is applications for organizing work and working with data. You can familiarize yourself with our cases in our portfolio, where you will find projects that are quite different in terms of the specifics, technology, and complexity of development.

If you have an idea and vision for a future product, but you are a little confused about where to start, everything is quite simple. You can contact our development team and share your idea. No complicated documentation or technical specifications are required at this stage. And yes, we will of course sign the NDA right away if required. If we have a match, then we can quickly make a preliminary estimate, draw up a roadmap, and start the sprints.

Final Thoughts

Of course, trends and statistics of in-demand mobile applications are there to help you turn ideas into popular products. But this is far from the only point that should be guided when developing. If your app idea does not fall into the top categories, it does not mean that you will not be able to make a breakthrough in the market. 

In any case, we are always happy to discuss which small business apps are in high demand, as well as the best solutions for enterprises.

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Marina Sharapova