Creating a chat with Django Channels

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Nowadays, when every second large company has developed its own instant messenger, in the era of iMessages, Slack, Hipchat, Messager, Google Allo, Zulip and others, I will tell you how to keep up with the trend and write your own chat, using django-channels 0.17.3, django 1.10.x, python 3.5.x.

How Do You Use MongoDB With Python?

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There are many ways to interact with MongoDB using Python. In this article we'll compare them and will help you make a decision.

Flask vs Django. Which Is Better for Your Web App?

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There are two most popular web frameworks in Python. There is the Django with lots of intelligent defaults and the Flask micro framework with complete freedom in the choice of modules. Let’s see, what django vs flask is in 2017.

API versioning with django rest framework?

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We often handling API server updates including backwards-incompatible changes when upgrading web applications. At the same time we update the client part, therefore, we did not experience any particular difficulties.

How to write an API in Django

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There is such a term as Remote Procedure Call (RPC). In other words, by using this technology, programs can call functions on remote computers. There are many ways to implement RPC.

How to Build a Website like Yelp?

, , startups, management, analytics

Yelp is one of the most popular websites where users have a possibility to find the right services and check the reviews. Let's see how you can achieve the same.

Ruby on Rails vs Django Performance Comparison

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​This article is aimed for beginners, who are trying to choose between Ruby on Rails and Django. Let’s see which is fastest and why.

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