How to Build a Run Tracker Like a Runkeeper?

, , python, angular, marketing

In this article we will tell how to create a good application for runners, which can become an analogue of RunKeeper.

Tutorial: Django User Registration and Authentication

, , django, python, security, rest

In this beginners friends article I'll explain how to make authentication with Google account on your Django site and how to make authentication for you REST API.

Web Application Security: 10 Best Practices

, , startups, management, security

Protection of WEB App is of paramount importance and it should be afforded the same level of security as the intellectual rights or private property. In this article I'm going to cover how to protect your web app.

Angular2: Development Tips and Tricks

, , angular, typescript, javascript

In this article we'll discuss some tricks you can use with Angular to make routing cleaner and improve SEO of your application.

Creating a chat with Django Channels

, , django, python, websocket, javascript

Nowadays, when every second large company has developed its own instant messenger, in the era of iMessages, Slack, Hipchat, Messager, Google Allo, Zulip and others, I will tell you how to keep up with the trend and write your own chat, using django-channels 0.17.3, django 1.10.x, python 3.5.x.

How Do You Use MongoDB With Python?

, , django, python, mongodb

There are many ways to interact with MongoDB using Python. In this article we'll compare them and will help you make a decision.

Flask vs Django. Which Is Better for Your Web App?

, , django, python, flask, battle

There are two most popular web frameworks in Python. There is the Django with lots of intelligent defaults and the Flask micro framework with complete freedom in the choice of modules. Let’s see, what django vs flask is in 2017.

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