We make complex custom applications in a clear way

Our focus is on complex long-term web and mobile projects, in which we are fully responsible for the technical part, from planning a roadmap to deploying and maintaining applications.

We value relationships

We believe that good projects are born of transparency and synergy between the client and the team. We walk this path together, and together we make decisions as partners. While we handle the entire technical aspect, we expect you to focus on the business side.

We know exactly what we are good at

Our clear definition makes us really good experts.

We provide:

  • Programming.
  • Testing.
  • Development process management.
  • Server configuration and support.
  • Documentation creation.

We do not provide:

  • Design; if you don't have your own designer, we are ready to recommend our partners.
  • VR/AR; we can determine the need for such technologies and attract third-party narrow experts.
  • Promotion and sales; we are techies, so business endeavors are up to you.

It’s easy to get us started

If you have a vision for a future product, you simply need to reach out and tell us your idea. There’s no need to include technical specifications and other complex documentation, and we won’t burden you with requests for payment or cost estimations right away. If we feel your project is a good match for us, we will assemble a team, draw up a roadmap, and launch sprints. There will be interesting and difficult work ahead, but this stage is very simple.

More about our relationships from SmartSuite CEO interview


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We are transparent, and so is our process

The process is based on Scrum, which we have tweaked to make it more practical and allow us to work remotely in different time zones. You can read details in our knowledge base.

1. Predictability

We maintain a long-term roadmap for months in advance and detailed estimates for upcoming weeks. Working with startups forces us to change the plan a lot, but we always have it.

2. Practicality

We maintain projects in working and shippable conditions at all times. We also understand that humans are not perfect, so we do a lot of documenting and testing.

3. Transparency

The client has full access to all tasks, documentation, servers, and code. Everyone can talk to anyone. Weekly demos ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Learn More about our process

We have specified a set of proven and flexible technologies that allow us to create functional apps of any complexity from scratch. And that is how we do our thing.

React, Node.js, GraphQL, Typescript, Django, FastAPI, Python, ElasticSearch, AWS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, Cypress

These are some of our perfect matches

We are burning not only with cool projects, but also with the people behind them. And a perfect team match truly matters. Our clients are our partners, co-authors, and friends at all project stages. Here are some examples of times when Gearheart became a best-fit teammate for our customers.

Our pricing model is clear

Gearheart works on a time and materials basis. We use online time tracking and only bill for time actually worked. These are our rates.

QA Engineer
Project ManagerBusiness Analyst