We use time and materials model

We believe this is the clearest and simplest concept. Using time tracking, we only bill for the time actually worked, so it is easy to manage the budget. Our rates are:

QA Engineer
Project ManagerBusiness Analyst

We provide a dedicated team for every project

The cost of a project depends on the number of people involved and their time spent working on it. To determine the size of the team, you need to set the required project speed and select the appropriate number of developers. It usually takes a minimum of two developers to coordinate with each other and maintain a strong approach. We then supplement them with the optimal number of QAs and managers to get the job done efficiently. And these guys will only deal with your project until its release.

If necessary, we can attract additional experts

We do not provide design services, as we are focused on development. But we are ready to recommend excellent designers and involve them in your project. Just like our team, we manage external specialists and provide you with transparent billing for their services.

So how much for everything?

At the start, when planning a project, we estimate the timing of its implementation. Due to the specifics, it is not always possible to do this accurately. Therefore, we control the process and inform you about possible changes so that you can, if necessary, adjust the tasks and your budget. You can always count on detailed reports and real-time performance tracking.

Monthly payments

Payments are expected on a monthly or biweekly basis, whichever works best for you. Prepayment is required for the first month before development begins.

Calculate your team

Select the appropriate number of developers, and we will immediately indicate the required number of other specialists.

Choose how many developers would you need
this is the team you need
  • 2 Dev
  • 0.5 QA
  • 0.5 PM
what you can count on*
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*Please note that the cost is calculated according to the upper level of our experts' rate.