May 5, 2020

10 Best Ways for Finding Great Software Developers

The quality of the product usually depends on the people who made it. If you want to create a perfect project, you have to find people who do their jobs responsibly. The market is full of potential workers. Many of them have nice portfolios, but that doesn’t guarantee they will be appropriate for your project. If you are an experienced business professional, you definitely know how devastating and tough finding quality freelancers can be.


The most productive way of searching is scrolling through websites and platforms. We made a list of ten effective tips for you to improve the search for the employee of your dreams! These recommendations can be really helpful. Whether you are hiring a person for one project or a full-time job, you need to create a scheme in advance.

To start looking for a software developer, you need to plan each step of the process. We can share some ways of finding the perfect one:

  • Conferences
  • Freelance Platforms
  • Facebook Groups
  • Professional Recruiters
  • Paid Ads
  • Job Boards
  • Stack Overflow
  • Referrals
  • Developers’ Forums
  • LinkedIn

Before Looking for a Software Developer

Which type of software developer do you want to hire? You need to set a proper target before diving into the process. There are three types of workers: in-house, outsource teams, and freelancers. Many companies have their own teams of programmers who handle main projects. Basically, in-house is the team of programmers which you already have as the staff in your company. However, sometimes there is a need for extra help. Outsourcing usually means hiring a team of developers from the outside. Freelancers are individual specialists, as a rule. Let’s see the advantages of each type.



In-house developers

Usually, if a company works on a worldwide level, it has its own team of programmers. This is important when business is complicated – sometimes outsource freelancers are not appropriate or qualified for certain tasks. Some projects require an understanding of your customers and the company’s position. If you work with your own team, you are able to control each step of development. It also guarantees that there will be no data leaks or other problems with safety. Unfortunately, if you work with your team, there is no way your project could be updated 24 hours a day. In this situation, hiring a person from abroad is a nice way to keep the process of development unstoppable.

Outsource teams

This type of hiring is highly recommended for people who want to promote their projects globally. Workers from the outside can give you fresh ideas and information about the current situation. It might help you with finding potential customers. The flexibility and financial economy are additional advantages of this choice. If you work with an in-house team, you will have to pay them a salary even if there are no projects in development. Outsource teams work only until their job is done. It may also happen that outsource workers have more experience and better equipment than the in-house team. This will give you more opportunities.


If you want to save your expenses and there is no need to finish the project at the earliest possible date, you can hire individual freelancers. Moreover, you will have to find reliable and dedicated specialists in this sphere. There are many potential workers who want to find a job, but only a few will be truly interested in your startup. Usually, freelance platforms or teams of developers give you certain insurance. That is why it is important to contact only reliable services.

Therefore, you have two options: to work with your team or to find other persons with great experience in certain stages of development. Sometimes there is a need to get external support for the project.


Where to find software developers

There are many methods you may find helpful. When it comes to searching, it is vital to know where to seek for a developer. There’s no doubt that the Internet, professional networking, and different online and offline conferences are the best places to find software developers. But where exactly can you find professionals? Let’s look closer and find out:


If you want to find software developers nearby, a special event could be the perfect option. There are always some regular conferences for programmers to gather and discuss the best tips. You can attend this event as a guest and evaluate the qualities of programmers who give speeches. Usually, these conferences offer you straight contact to the professionals.

Freelance Platforms

How to find a software developer quickly? We think freelance platforms could be a nice start. There are many websites appropriate for this task. However, our team is a frequent flyer on certain platforms. We often use the services of YouTeam and Upwork. YouTeam is a website oriented to hiring teams of developers. They check each member thoroughly, and you can rely on them. If your in-house team is too small, you can add a bunch of new people from YouTeam. Upwork, by contrast, is the place where both freelancers and employers post their offers. Usually, you can find people individually here. Upwork offers perfect insurance for both parties. You have to pay in advance, but your money will be transacted to the freelancer only if you are satisfied with the result. There are many other platforms you can use as well.

Facebook Groups

If you want to find a software engineer somewhere close to meet him or her offline, this is a nice option as well. There are many groups on this platform where a person can share projects to show his or her talent. You can contact group members or make a post if it is allowed. Offer an interview for those who are interested in your job.

Professional Recruiters

Sometimes it is better to trust professionals in this difficult task. If your budget is not limited, you can invest in searching for the best workers. Recruiters take care of plenty of tasks, such as searching for candidates, interviewing, and the hiring process in general. You will be sure the person you hired is reliable and dedicated.

Paid Ads

This way you can not only find a perfect worker but also attract potential business partners or clients. You can meet programmers with certain skills. Tons of web platforms and social media offer a possibility to advertise. Facebook, Reddit, Google, and freelance platforms have perfect tactics to define your target audience. Try it out – after getting feedback, you can organize an interview for the most promising developers.

Job Boards

Many persons look for a job on a daily basis. The main advantage is obvious: these people are really willing to work. You will spend less time searching for a person who is really interested in working. There are many places on the Internet where you can seek for the candidates: Angel List, Monster, The Ladders, Mashable, etc. Some boards have special search filters and offer only certain types of employees, which is a big plus. On the other hand, if the amount of applications is too large, you may find yourself stuck in an attempt to sort things out.

Stack Overflow

The most popular and largest platform is at your disposal. This website allows users to communicate with each other. It is easy to find the perfect candidate for the job – there are many ways to see the most active members in different types of discussions. Here you can also post a job for a small price. However, if you want to hire a person specifically nearby, it can be problematic. Stack Overflow is a place where developers from all around the world communicate and exchange information.


Different people’s opinions matter a lot in the business sphere. Referrals always come in handy. The easiest way is to ask your workers or other business professionals. There is a possibility that they know exactly who you need. Just ask your friends or anybody you trust, and they might give you the necessary contacts. The main and obvious benefit of this method is that you will know about the person’s peculiarities in advance and have direct contact. Maybe this person was hired earlier by the one who recommended him or her. This way you will know even more about your future worker.

Developers’ Forums

This is a complicated yet effective enough strategy. The younger generations adore forums where they can communicate openly. If you seek fresh ideas, this is the place for you. You can see the top active users and choose the right programmer for yourself. Moreover, you can just ask members to recommend someone and get a lot of feedback. Reddit is the most popular forum. It is also highly effective to search for professionals here since unique discussions are created on certain specific topics.


LinkedIn is an amazing and quick way of searching! People post their CVs here, and you are able to sort them out easily and narrow the search to find the professional developers you need. You can explore a person’s previous jobs, see their lists of skills, etc. However, since LinkedIn is very popular, many people who post their resumes there get a lot of replies from recruiters. It becomes annoying with time. Before contacting a person, you should check the last time he was online.


Our Experience

If you still wonder where to find software developers for your project, you can visit our website! Gearheart is a serious team of experienced developers. We have successfully completed many complicated projects for companies all over the world. Our developers always make sure to do a high-quality job. It helps us develop and improve our skills and learn new ways of web development.

Our team of web developers is ready to work with your project, especially if you offer interesting and complex tasks, because we like to overcome difficulties. We have a convincing portfolio and a lot of experience. We are sure our team consists of qualified professionals. Our programmers are capable of completing interesting tasks. Everyone on our crew has at least three years of non-ordinary experience. If you want to make sure your project is in the right hands, you can contact us, and we will coordinate our start on your draft.


Now you know many tactics, and it is up to you to choose the best way to find software developers. You can try out each of them to find the perfect employee! They will help you sort out all the information and narrow the search results.

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