May 25, 2020

How to Build a Law Practice Management Software?

As a business professional, you might want to get the best law practice management software for your company. We know all the necessary information. You can find many articles on the Internet, but there is no practical advice there. The modern app market offers many options. You may choose ready solutions or create a brand new project for your business!

Our team knows how complicated choosing the right solution for your workers can be. We have our own experience in making custom projects for several companies. Each app is unique and suitable for different purposes.


An application is a tough project that requires certain knowledge and planning in advance. There are a few aspects to know before starting a new project:

  • advantages of open-source law practice management software
  • pros and cons of custom software
  • main features
  • steps of the development process
  • pricing
  • successful examples on the market
  • experience of famous projects

Why You Should Create Cloud-based Law Practice Management Software

A lawyer’s job is complicated enough. Like ordinary people, they can make mistakes that lead to serious problems. There is a way to avoid potential difficulties – planning applications. They are very useful, especially for companies with huge customer databases. Some of them are cheap and simple, while others have multiple functions. You can select suitable variants for your needs or create your own platform.


Practice management software for law firms is an application for the optimization of office activities. Here are the main advantages of purchasing or creating valid software for your company:

  • Multitasking. Some smaller companies use basic programs like Windows Outlook or Microsoft Excel to manage the information, and their employees perceive these methods as real tortures. Google Drive is not nearly as convenient and multi-functional as cloud-based law practice management software. If you want to stay relevant and satisfy even the most demanding clients, you need to keep up with technologies. Modern applications offer various tracking tools, detailed reports, organized databases, etc. And everything is done at the same time! Multitasking is a way to success – it saves time and human resources, reduces mistakes, and makes your work more valuable. With the right application, you can climb to the top of the ratings and get good reviews and loyal clients.
  • Automation. Don’t use paper – save forests and your workers’ patience. Paperwork is exhausting – you need to stand up, scan and print documents, collect them in order, and store them in folders. Work in the office is complicated enough, so don’t add piles of documents to your co-workers’ tables. It would be much more efficient to use electronic resources. Easier access, storing, and searching are guaranteed. There will be no need to create those incredible piles and spreadsheets manually – many apps present annual reports with a thorough analysis and even prognosis.
  • Efficiency. Real-time communication with clients, a sufficient database that may be sorted by several filters, time records – these are just a few possible features a management application will offer you. Both online and offline apps can work from any place in the world. Your worker might go to another country, and he or she still would have the possibility to log in and complete the necessary tasks. The work will be done easily with notes and notifications, in accordance with the timelines.

There are many types of programs, but you can divide them into two groups – ready solutions and custom variants. Let’s compare the pros and cons:

  • If you want to purchase one of the ready products, you need to figure out the tools and average pricing. It might take a while, but in this way you will be more assured of your choice. In general, ready solutions are good when you need to organize everything as soon as possible. Many programs are easy or have instructions and tutorials online. However, compared to custom apps, they obviously offer less customization. If you want to get basic tools for management, this variant will be suitable for your business.
  • If you want to build law firm practice management software due to your personal demands, it will cost more. However, it will also be completely customizable and have the options most necessary for your company. The price of the time-consuming process of development is the most obvious disadvantage. However, many companies with their own apps confirm that such expenses are reasonable. If you hire a team of experienced specialists, you will definitely be satisfied with the results and timing. Developers are responsible for the success of this project. It can be really helpful – you don’t need to buy an inappropriate app, and the ready product will have only useful functions.

Main Features of Practice Management Software for Law Firms

You can add as many features as you wish, but don’t forget about the most useful and important:

  • Appointment scheduling. Usually, lawyers have many appointments each day. Imagine the total number in a month or a year! It’s no surprise that they need proper scheduling. Many applications offer a calendar, to-do list, and notifications.
  • Banking operations. If you want to be relevant to the market, you should offer your customers several payment methods. Many applications can track and collect all transactions and store them in a database for analysis.
  • Case management. A nice way to be productive is to use a case management app. It sorts out the information, creates reports, and analyzes possible outcomes.
  • Messaging. Feedback is important when your work is connected with communication. Your clients want to feel important. You can find the perfect tools for proper communication with customers, including sorting out, notifications, and basic contact information about the client.
  • Database. Information is an important part of any business, especially when working with multiple clients. It needs to be sorted out in case a lawyer wants to find something quickly. An efficient database is the result of productive work.

What You Need to Create Legal Practice Management Software

If you want to create law practice management software, you have to be ready for this project. Development is a complicated process. However, these are the main steps:

  • Planning. If you want to purchase or make your own app, planning is the main step. Many companies make mistakes at this stage – they concentrate on the basic features they need. However, the best way to create something useful is to think in advance. Your team should understand what functions they may need later, and it is necessary to take into account all resources for it. It will be useful not only for your project but for your company as a whole. It is always good to have clear goals.
  • Consultation. Now it is time to contact professionals. They will listen to your demands carefully and create a project. At this stage, you will know the main functions of your app, as well as the cost of development and timelines. In comparison to other management systems, a legal practice app might be more complicated to develop. That is why you need to hire programmers with experience.
  • Hiring a team. If you want to hire professional freelancers, you should check the necessary portals or job boards. The most popular platforms nowadays are Upwork, LinkedIn, etc. However, we highly recommend you hire a whole team of professionals at once. It will be more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Development. The process of development has begun. At this stage, you may relax and trust the professionals. Of course, it is highly recommended to run beta testing and hire an administrator, if we are talking about online software.

Let’s discuss a few points about pricing. There are several aspects that have an impact on the cost: the team of developers, functionality, type of software, time limits, etc. If you want to make online law practice management software you will also pay for the hosting.

The average cost for development services is $50 per hour. Small projects with basic functions usually cost around $30,000. If you are short on your budget, you can make a simple app for approximately $20,000. For mid-sized companies with several demands, an application usually takes more workers and time to be completed. The approximate price is $60,000 to $100,000.

If you want to create a multifunctional application for your big company or for sale, it will cost more. Usually, the pricing starts from $100,000 if we’re talking about a stylish user interface, extra security measures, and many innovative functions. Don’t be afraid – investments like this will not be in vain.


Best Law Practice Management Software Examples

The market is full of interesting applications for law practitioners. Many of them offer integration with various apps, unique functions, and intuitive interfaces. However, nothing can compare to completely unique custom software. You can create your own program and follow the steps of other successful ready solutions:

  • Matters.Cloud. A cloud database with filters and task management. Perfect for both firms and solo practitioners. It offers a free trial. The pricing starts from $25 per user.
  • App4Legal. One of the best legal practice management software programs on the market. It manages finances, matters, and contracts. It also tracks legal data and documents and organizes them. App4Legal generates monthly reports with dashboards.
  • DPS Software. An application for medium to huge companies. It is a web-based solution, but it can be installed on Windows. There is tech support for customers’ questions.
  • AdvantageLaw. A convenient application with a main function. It costs $500 as a one-time payment. It also offers a free trial. The application can be installed on Windows, and it has the right functions to establish communication with customers.
  • Dibcase Legal Case Management. The best application for advocates and clerks. There is a free trial, but in general pricing starts from $40 per month for access to all functions. There is also a simplified version for free.
  • LexisAffinity. Do you have problems with managing documents? This cloud-based solution will be a perfect choice! It creates a nice database with various filters and tracks information. There are also tools for scheduling and case records. For new customers, there is a free trial.
  • Ascent. A web-based solution with a free trial and cloud database. Effective tech support is a huge plus. There are professionals who can consult with you at any time, as well as video tutorials, articles, and webinars.

Our Experience

Application development is never easy. Each business has its own peculiarities. When it comes to the law, security measures are one of the most important parts of app creation. This sphere of business deals with personal data all the time. If you want to work with loyal customers constantly, you have to assure them that their information is safe.

As for the practitioners, they need management tools. It can be tough to remember all about clients; that’s why comfortable database filters, notifications, and reports can help a lot. Unlike applications for widespread use, personalized law management software has to be useful and laconic. A simple design and intuitive interface are highly recommended.

If you feel like there is more you need to know, you can contact our tech support for a free consultation. Our team has great experience. We can give advice, approximate costs, help you with planning, and offer various options for your project.

Final Thoughts

If a company starts using a custom application, it never goes back. Usually, companies use software for five to ten years. When it comes to custom software, it stays relevant for decades, especially with updates and wise exploitation. If you want to start legal practice management software development, don’t put it off. The process of programming is complicated and time-consuming.

There are four main steps of development: planning, consultation, hiring a team, and programming. As a customer, you need to be responsible and plan everything in advance. You can contact various companies for consultation and come up with a general idea of what your app will look like. Don’t be afraid to seem demanding to programmers – the more clear tasks you give, the more satisfying the result.

If you want to bring your idea to life, you should start preparations right now. Don’t hesitate; contact Gearheart for a free consultation! We can go over a full description of the process of development and give you some advice!

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