Construction monitoring platform

Country: CanadaTechnologies: MaterialUI, Apollo, React, Node.js, Typescript, AWS, PostgreSQLTime together: 2 years till nowTeam: 1 PM, 2 developers


Ocilex is a platform for monitoring the construction process. It allows construction companies to control access to application features for both internal managers and external users. Managers can configure cameras and timelapse generation schedules. Users have a wide list of ways to track the building process.


To meet customer needs, the app needed to provide users with timelapses of construction from multiple viewpoints as well as the ability to compare snapshots taken on different dates using side-by-side comparison, magnifier, and a comparison between the snapshot and 3D model (BIM comparison).

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So we started with the team

5 people in total were involved in the project, developing the entire set of functions to release the app as quickly as possible.

Nikolay Budnikov
Project Manager
Sergey Kiselev
Full-stack Developer
Alexey Demianenko
Full-stack Developer
Anton Kozachok
Frontend Developer
Mike Perelygin
Full-stack Developer

Since the main purpose of the application is to show several pages with the construction visualization, we decided to focus on this and make the UI clear and simple. Material UI components were used for this. Connecting to the cameras was a challenge, but once that was solved, adding new features became much easier. Clients were involved in the process and regularly provided us with feedback and new requirements. In addition, they covered test cameras connection, which was very helpful for us.

We made a product, with a great number of features


Ocilex allows users to see the latest snapshot of the building on a Live View page. It is updated regularly (every 1, 5, or 10 minutes) depending on the admin's settings. Also, there is a magnifier included, that makes the smallest details visible.


If users want to highlight something they notice on a snapshot, they can draw, add notes, and upload the result.


For those who want to see something come from nothing, we provide a timelapse video feature that allows you to see new buildings grow from the very beginning to the opening. For each site, administrators set the camera, working days, and schedule for adding snapshots to videos.



And for those who would like to see progress over an exact period of time, Ocilex allows to compare snapshots taken on different dates, either through side-by-side comparison or using a magnifier detailed view from one snapshot over the another.


For users who want to see the difference between the initial design and the final building, there is also a BIM Comparison feature that allows you to compare timelapse or camera images and a 3D model of the building.


Ocilex provides administrators with helpful notifications when cameras stop responding, including full details about the issue.

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To accomplish all this, we used React.js with the MaterialUI framework. And for the backend, we selected the Apollo server and Node.js + TypeScript combination.

The entire application is deployed to the DigitalOcean App Platform and complimented by static checking and quality control in the GitLab CI.


The MVP was successfully launched in 2022. We've added several more features and improvements in 2023 to enhance the admin and customer experience.

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