Alexey Demianenko

Role: Full-stack DeveloperTime together: 2 years

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When I create, I get real freedom. This is why I love programming. I always strive to achieve the perfect result while keeping business values in mind. Also, I like technical and performance challenges, just let me know in case you want to solve any one of them :).

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Financial Operations Automation Platform

Country: United StatesTechnologies: Angular, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, SassTime together: 10 years until nowTeam: PM, BA, 3 developers, QA


Sep 21, 2020Technology
How to Optimize Django ORM Queries

Django ORM is a very abstract and flexible API. But if you do not know exactly how it works, you will likely end up with slow and heavy views, if you have not already. So, this article provides practical solutions to N+1 and high loading time issues. For clarity, I will create a simple view that demonstrates common ORM query problems and shows frequently used practices.

Alexey Demianenko