Anna Sydorenko

Role: Business AnalystTime together: 1 year

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Interior design, cities’ architecture and history are my passion. I’m a big fan of Podil, the district of Kyiv where I live, which I keep discovering. I write novels. I like shoes and everything made by Apple :)

These are some of Anna’s projects


Project management and time tracking system

Country: UkraineTechnologies: Angular, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, SassTime together: 6 years until nowTeam: PM, BA, 1 developer, QA

Work Management Platform

Country: United StatesTechnologies: React, Angular, Django, Python, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Typescript, Kubernetes, WebSockets, Node.js, CypressTime together: 3 years until nowTeam: 3 PMs, 2 BAs, 12 developers, 6 HTML/CSS coders, 5 Automation Engineers, 8 QAs