We are a true partner in your web and mobile app development

We work with both startups and mature businesses to create high-end products for effective performance and growth. We love strong technologies and complex projects, but simple and well-coordinated cooperation.

we are Top developers at CLUTCH and goodfirms

These are some of our perfect matches

We are burning not only with cool projects, but also with the people behind them. And a perfect team match truly matters. Our clients are our partners, co-authors, and friends at all project stages. Here are some examples of times when Gearheart became a best-fit teammate for our customers.


Work Management Platform

Country: United StatesTechnologies: React, Angular, Django, Python, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Typescript, Kubernetes, WebSockets, Node.js, CypressTime together: 3 years until nowTeam: 3 PMs, 2 BAs, 12 developers, 6 HTML/CSS coders, 5 Automation Engineers, 8 QAs

A Photography Management CRM Software

Country: United StatesTechnologies: Angular, Django, Python, Typescript, AWSTime together: 3 years Team: PM, BA, 4 developers, QA

We are transparent, and so is our process

Our process is simple, reliable, and available to customers. We provide access to all the necessary project tools and constantly communicate with each other. A Scrum-based workflow allows us to cooperate efficiently, even with time-zone differences between our team and clients.

We have specified a set of proven and flexible technologies that allow us to create functional apps of any complexity from scratch. And that is how we do our thing.

React, Angular, Django, Python, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Solr, ElasticSearch, Sass, Typescript, Kubernetes, AWS, Rx.js, D3.js, WebSockets, Node.js, Cypress

The gearhearted people

We are a remote team. There are 38 of us with no staff turnover. Each member of our community is a true professional who has fun creating complex projects.

Our pricing model is clear

Gearheart works on a time and materials basis. We use online time tracking and only bill for time actually worked. These are our rates.

Business Analyst, Full-stack Developer, DevOps, Project Manager
QA Engineer

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