Jul 2, 2019 receives Featured on Clutch as a Top Python & Django Developer!

With a team of 30 talented individuals,’s Ukraine office helps clients from the US, European Union, and Israel develop their websites reliably and accurately. Today, around 70% of websites are built by developers, agencies, and freelancers, resulting in a constant demand for our services. We are proud to have received an important award this month from Clutch as a leader among Python and Django development companies! Being one of the select 480 developers from a directory of over 1,000 is a big success for us. “Only the most versatile and knowledgeable developers can keep up with the abundance of new technologies created every year,” said Clutch Business Analyst Misty Lopez. We are so glad to have made the cut!

Clutch is a ratings and reviews site who strives to connect businesses with B2B solution providers best-fit to each project mission and goal. Using several metrics to measure and rank companies, Clutch’s analyst team directly contacts prior clients and interviews them over the phone. This valuable feedback is then published onto the company’s public Clutch profile as a review and a rating. We are happy to have 6 positive reviews and an overall rating of 4.8/5 stars on our profile! Client feedback has always been important to us as individuals dedicated to staying updated and educated in our field.

As it so happens, CEO of Digital Solutions Provider, told Clutch in an interview about our media monitoring platform development project: “Gearheart’s quality and passion stand out. They care about what they’re building.” We are so happy to hear honest and positive feedback like this and are grateful for the time.

In addition to this achievement, we have also been placed among leading Python and Django developers on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, as a result of our recognition on Clutch. Serving as a business news and how-to website, The Manifest compiles and analyzes practical advice for businesses, while Visual Objects provides a platform for companies to showcase their creative and visual portfolios. We are happy to have a page on Visual Objects under their web developers directory along with Clutch and The Manifest.

We are excited at what these achievements will do for our company’s future! As our reviews and ratings grow on our Clutch profile, we hope to gain further awards that set us apart from the rest of the web developers out there.

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