Mar 27, 2023

6 Latest SaaS Development Trends to Follow in 2023

The IT sphere is rapidly developing, so it constantly changes the world around us, making it easier for everyone. Therefore, if you are a company owner or just want to start your own niche on AWS or another popular digital platform, you should know that it is important for any modern business to use high-quality technological solutions with various useful tools. They can simplify the processes of managing a company, as well as determine its rate of development. Some top SaaS trends are sure to be useful solutions for your business.

What is SaaS?

Many people keep up with current fads and new products, and the latest SaaS trends always attract attention. People like to see how their lives get better as these services develop. Let's take a closer look at what they are and how they might benefit you.

SaaS (software as a service) has become one of the most widespread methods of software distribution in recent times. This software delivery model can also be cloud-based, meaning the user doesn’t have to:

  • install everything needed for work on the computer;
  • have a server room and take care of the hardware;
  • provide proper technical support; or
  • hire additional staff.

Recent industry statistics are impressive. Since 2015, the SaaS industry has grown from $31.4 billion to approximately $161.71 billion in 2022. This equates to more than a five-fold growth in just seven years (Gartner), once again confirming that B2B SaaS trends are very relevant now.

Who may benefit from the use of SaaS?

We can confidently say that the modern cloud service delivery model has become popular. The pandemic has been a great encouragement for its development, as many businesses have decided to work remotely. In order to operate in this format, old business models had to be transformed. SaaS services became the perfect solution in that case.

Software as a service industry trends have covered almost every business niche in a short period of time. Such solutions are convenient for small and large companies alike, thanks to good integration and customization. Many experts are making positive predictions about SaaS future growth. They believe that the market for these services will continue to expand.

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The main SaaS application development trends

Low-code apps


At the moment, all kinds of low-code applications are trends in SaaS development. These innovations will completely change the world of IT technologies for the better.

Nowadays, companies don't have to create their own applications or any other online products. You can refuse to hire IT experts and instead develop an appropriate application without any special skills in this sphere.

The principle of a low-code service is quite simple. Instead of writing code, you can use pre-made visuals or templates. This is very handy when combined with the drag-and-drop feature. It means that the time you would spend on code creation can be spent on design and well-thought-out advertising.

In addition, the low-code application option is much more cost-effective. So, even if you have a small company or manage a start-up, this solution will work for you.

One of the best no-code platforms and our largest project, SmartSuite, is an excellent example of a platform that allows you to organize many business processes without resorting to the services of developers. SmartSuite competes with Airtable and Notion in its capabilities, and in some aspects it is even more functional. You can read more about SmartSuite in our portfolio.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence are the most popular SaaS industry trends. These branches of modern technologies improve the service’s quality by making it more “intelligent.” In other words, by using such SaaS solutions, it is possible to get the following benefits.

  1. Predictions and Personalization. With AI and ML, you will have more data useful for understanding the market's needs (including B2B, B2C, and DTC). The collected analytical data can be easily used by AI to predict the possible future. The role of ML, on the other hand, is to ensure that the service adapts more quickly to new circumstances. This way, your product meets the demands of consumers and can always be on-trend.
  2. High interaction speeds. These advanced solutions make your workflow faster and more efficient. Any data from the customer is received and processed faster, and vice versa.
  3. Quick detection of failures and errors. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are always tightly tailored to all the processes and stages of your business. So, if something goes wrong, you'll be alerted right away. This enables you to solve all problems immediately and avoid any confusion.

Vertical SaaS

One of the next SaaS development trends is the vertical model designed for more narrow niches. It will not suit most types of business, instead aiming for a specific customer segment.

Vertical SaaS developers create products fully tailored to client needs, equipped with specific functionalities. Customer behavior patterns and workflow schemes, which can be rapid and efficient, are already built into such models. In this way, clients receive the great benefits of not having to spend money on developing customized software. They can just pay for a subscription.


The micro-SaaS model is often referred to as the future of SaaS development. It is increasingly difficult to enter the SaaS provider market as competition grows with each passing day. But more creative and entrepreneurial companies have found another way to keep their products in demand.

Such development teams are launching products as complements to some popular applications or web services. For example, Gmail has a great add-on called Boomerang. It allows you to schedule and track your emails. Small projects like this make the user experience better and more convenient.

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We can argue for a long time about what exactly can be called SaaS app development trends, but almost everyone would agree that blockchains definitely fit into this category. A SaaS application using this technology moves things to a completely new level. There will be no problems with the transparency of business processes and the fairness of transactions. The system creates thousands of new information slots, replicating them for all users.

Moreover, you can be absolutely sure of the total data security. No cyber attack is feared because the algorithms of such a service will not allow it. That is why it is a revolutionary solution for the SaaS market that will always be popular.

API connections

When the first cloud-based software versions hit the market, almost all customers were met with one big problem: the complex process of integrating SaaS into their existing business models. The main reason for the difficulties was that companies were storing data on different resources, and SaaS could not properly migrate the data. At that time, it was necessary to look for third-party applications for this purpose.

Nowadays, SaaS solution developers incorporate API development services in their products, helping integrate all databases for collaborative use. That is, SaaS now has convenient algorithms that can connect to and work with other applications, without data migration.

Consider Gearheart your trusted partner

If you are looking for a truly reliable development partner, choose Gearheart. Our outsource web development team consists of true professionals, and the good team atmosphere helps us cope with any challenges. Although we work remotely, our Scrum-based workflow allows us to efficiently develop and launch projects of any complexity. Due to the close communication within the team and regular meetings with clients at every stage of development, we can reach a complete mutual understanding of all processes and create trustworthy and warm cooperation. Every client is not just a customer but a friend to us. We always appreciate feedback and discuss every detail of a project to implement a wish into life.

Over the last few years, we have created so many projects that are worth your attention. LOOQME and SmartSuite are prime examples of our successful SaaS software development.

LOOQME is an advanced monitoring and analytics program. It allows you to stay informed about what's going on in the world. By collecting information from all available resources and analyzing it, you get many benefits that will help your business move in the right direction.

SmartSuite is an example of a no-code platform. It enables you and your team to make your workflow clear and efficient. Within the application, you can monitor workflows, communicate, manage data, and much more. It is an extremely user-friendly tool that is suitable for any business niche.

You can discover our other worthy projects by exploring the Gearheart website. Don't hesitate to contact our experts, as they will definitely help you with developments of any complexity.

Final thoughts

Everything in this world is changing and evolving. This also applies to the field of technology. People realize that, because of the great competition, they have to focus on service quality and a positive user experience.

The SaaS trends covered here will be great solutions for thousands of entrepreneurs. Reliability, transparency, convenience, and adaptability are what modern SaaS can offer to customers.

If you have ideas and know exactly how to revolutionize the software-as-a-service industry, write to us, and we will help you implement your plans into reality.

Gearheart's team of experts understands our clients’ needs and can cope with all challenges, from the ordinary to the unexpected.


1. Which SaaS development trends can secure my data?

SaaS solutions that use blockchain technology will be ideal for those who like reliability and security. A fully transparent system will help you not lose your data and be sure of other people's honesty. Special algorithms that protect data will keep you safe from cyber attacks and information theft.

2. What future do experts predict for SaaS development?

Many IT specialists and experts argue that the market for these services will only grow. The high competition will force SaaS providers to improve their service quality and reduce costs. This will be useful for each party.

3. Which SaaS industry trends are ideal for my specific niche?

Vertical SaaS would be an excellent solution. Such models are created for specific narrow business areas. They can bring many convenient and well-designed features that are perfect for various business schemes.

4. What does the abbreviation SaaS stand for?

SaaS means software as a service. This is a software distribution model in which the user receives the service via the Internet without having to download anything to a PC. For this, the user pays a small amount of money every month.

5. Do I need to buy additional equipment to start working with SaaS?

You absolutely do not have to worry about buying or installing equipment. All the technical moments, including customer support and regular updates, are undertaken by the service provider. You simply pay for a subscription to a ready-made solution that will quickly integrate into your business model using the API.

6. Do I need to hire an IT specialist to work with low-code?

Low-code solutions mean that it is not necessary to write code when creating web products. This means that if you teach your employees to work with these platforms, then the need to hire additional staff disappears.

7. Do I need to transfer all corporate data in order to start working with SaaS?

You do not need to transfer anything because SaaS solutions with APIs can cooperate with any applications and programs to work with their data. Thus, you can easily and quickly implement this service into your business model. If you choose an experienced provider, then there will be no problems at all.

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