AngularJS app development services

Gearheart provides world-class Angular development services. Since 2013 we have implemented and launched a number of complex web applications based on Angular.

Angular is a frontend web application framework, maintained chiefly by Google and a community of like-minded individuals and corporations. Angular 1 is the most popular version in use at the moment, but Angular 2 has been released recently.

The first version of Angular was already a great fit for creating complex dynamic web applications. Describing business logic in an imperative way and by keeping UI in declarative templates makes the code clean and easy to understand.

Angular is a framework, not a library, and it provides a full set of tools needed to implement the entire application. We don’t spend time combining multiple libraries together. Instead, we focus on implementing actual application features.

To stay on top of our game, we always keep track of new trends in web development and adopt the best tools early. When Angular 2.x first release candidates appeared, we started using it right away and have already launched projects to production with it.

Angular 2.x has adopted TypeScript, making applications more stable, and codebase more scalable and easy to maintain. Created to support not only web, but mobile and desktop applications, Angular 2.x is set apart as an important product.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you need a dynamic web application implemented. Gearheart developers are full-stack; we can take care of the application’s backend to implement an API.

These is one of our recent projects

Online and offline media monitoring system

Country: UkraineTechnologies: Angular, Django, Python, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, Solr, SassTime together: 5 years Team: PM, BA, 2 developers, QA

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