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We strive to help you grow your company and achieve your business goals, improve your unique selling proposition, eliminate potential risks, choose the right technology stack, and much more, through our business analysis services.


BA Services We Offer

We specialize in streamlining your business operations, supporting your software development processes, and ensuring project success with a full suite of services.

Project Discovery

Analysis & Risk Assessment

Feature & Concept Testing

Project Supervision

Document Preparation

BA Consulting

BA Process at Gearheart: Stages Breakdown

We structure our BA process into several steps to ensure thoroughness and efficiency.

Background Data Collection & Evaluation

Stakeholders Identification

Defining Business Goals and Objectives

Testing Concepts & Defining Functional Requirements

BA Delivery Plan Presentation

Project Support & Timely Corrections Through SDLC

How Business Analysis Services Can Benefit Businesses?

Improve Processes

Without a thorough business analysis, the development team will spend much more time defining technical requirements before implementing functionality. Thus, BA is beneficial to all parties involved in terms of budget savings and other resources. For developers, issues related to the business side of the product creation process are resolved. The client’s team always understands what technologies and resources will cover the required functionality, why such a choice was made, and how it will live in production.

Gain Important Insights from Data

A detailed analysis at the start allows you not only to determine what the product should be, but also how to optimize resources, think through possible difficulties, and fill gaps in requirements. 

Improve Communication Between Parties Involved

Effective communication is essential for all stakeholders such as developers, designers, testers, and clients. Business analysis helps make sure everyone understands what needs to be done and what's expected, which keeps everyone on the same page and stops problems and disagreements.

Identify Risks and Create Response Strategies

Identifying things that could go wrong in projects, like needing certain technical stuff, not having enough resources, or not being sure about the market. By knowing these risks early, you can make a plan to handle them before they cause big problems and keep the project going smoothly.

Prioritize Requirements and Features

Business analysis allows you to prioritize product requirements and features based on their business value, technical feasibility, and impact on users. By starting with the most important features, you can create software or web products that perfectly fit what your customers need and offer the most value.

Ensure Quality Through Testing

With business analysis, you have access to comprehensive testing strategies and methodologies to identify and resolve defects and issues throughout the development lifecycle that impact the reliability and performance of your product.

Support Continuous Project Improvement

BA services support ongoing project improvement initiatives by collecting feedback, analyzing performance metrics, and identifying areas for optimization. 

Why Hire Gearheart’s Business Analysts?

We will work closely with you, and the people who use your products and services, to achieve the goals we've set together.

Dedicated Team

BA Services as a Part of Full-Cycle Web Development

Cost Optimization

Industry Expertise

We use a proven and flexible technology set to guarantee high-end web application development services.
React, Node.js, GraphQL, Typescript, Django, FastAPI, Python, ElasticSearch, AWS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, Cypress

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Techniques and Methods Used

Stakeholder Interviews

Requirements Workshops

Surveys and Questionnaires

User Personas

User Stories


Use Case Diagrams

SWOT Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Requirement Prioritization Techniques

Our clients tell more

Working with Gearheart team is a wonderful and blessing journey for us. Not only because of their great skills but also Gearheart accountabilities and sense of ownership of the project. They always strive to deliver the project (and progress) on time. They also go the extra mile to understand more about the project and give suggestions or feedback to make the web/app better. As Gearheart put their heart to the project, it feels like we're not working with some vendor, but with an internal team.

Febriani Febriani
Febriani Febriani,
product manager


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