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We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and reliability for your software applications. With a focus on comprehensive test coverage, we conduct thorough functional, regression, performance, and security testing to protect your application from potential vulnerabilities. Our QA software testing services are tailored to the specific needs of your project, be it a web application, mobile app, or complex enterprise system.



Our dedicated team of QA professionals employs rigorous testing methodologies to identify and address any potential issues, guaranteeing a seamless and error-free user experience.

Manual Testing

Automation Testing

API Testing


Early Involvement in the Software Development Lifecycle

Test Analysis and Test Design Techniques

Involvement in CI/CD Activities

Metrics Used in Testing

Knowledge Sharing


Here are just a few reasons why it is comfortable and efficient to work with the Gearheart team.

Clear And Streamlined Processes

Experienced And Reliable Team

High Level Of Cooperation


Agile Approach

We use a proven and flexible technology set to guarantee high-end software quality assurance testing services.
React, Node.js, GraphQL, Typescript, Django, FastAPI, Python, ElasticSearch, AWS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, Cypress


CRM development companies often provide a number of standard features, but the ability to add custom functionality is critical to extend functionality and tailor the system to specific requirements.

Custom Fields

This might include fields for specialized industry data, product preferences, or other relevant details specific to clients’ businesses. For example, it has become common practice for us to add custom fields for specific client requests in the SmartSuite project. By the way, SmartSuite has more than 40 field types.

Workflows and Automation

This could include automated email sequences, task assignments, and notifications based on certain triggers or events in the CRM. For SmartSuite, we have built functionality that allows you to create your own rules using the builder. Users can create a complex, multi-step workflow recipe with multiple triggers and actions that will provide critical process optimization and efficiency.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Customers can add their own reporting and analytics tools to gain deeper insight into their data. This may include creating custom dashboards, charts, or reports focused on key performance indicators that align with their business goals. You can find similar functionality for analytics in our PlairSmartSuite, and SeraCare projects.

Integration with Third-Party Apps

This can include accounting software, marketing automation platforms, or even custom-built applications. Zapier, Ply, and Make.com are third-party integration platforms that enable SmartSuite users to create integrations between SmartSuite and over 2,000 other products and tools. The SmartSuite API allows external applications to access read, update, and delete data from solutions within the SmartSuite work management platform.

Permission Management

Customizing user roles and access levels within the CRM is vital to ensure data security and privacy. We implemented role-based access for OliviaSmartSuite, and SeraCare. They all have their own user authorization hierarchy. If necessary, you can separate or combine roles to limit or expand access rights.

AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

Integrating AI and machine learning capabilities into the CRM can help clients predict customer behavior, identify upsell opportunities, and personalize marketing efforts. We created predictive analytics for the time tracking and project management system Timer. This is our internal platform that we created taking into account our needs. Accurate assessment of tasks allows us to meet deadlines. Statistics from previous projects are used to predict how long new tasks will take to complete.

Feedback and Survey Forms

Including custom feedback and survey forms within the CRM helps clients gather valuable insights directly from customers and leads to improve products and services. In SmarSuite, we've created forms that are ideal for recording expenses, collecting responses, creating surveys and quizzes, generating leads, and many other processes that require external input.

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Working with such talented people would make you want to hire more and more. Gearheart carefully makes it intentionally to guarantee the highest level of expertise in any position.

Jon Darbyshire
Jon Darbyshire,
CEO at SmartSuite


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