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Leverage a wide range of AWS infrastructure services, such as cloud provisioning, storage options, networking, and database-as-a-service. With over 200 AWS services implemented, we help enterprises, startups, and SMBs access the components they need to quickly respond to changing business requirements.


The Range of Our AWS App Development Services

Our AWS application development services include a wide range of capabilities tailored to meet a variety of customer needs.

AWS Application Development

AWS Cloud Migration & Integration

AWS Management & Optimization

AWS Consulting

We Are Confident in Our Approach

We believe in the effectiveness of our methods and the ability of our team to overcome challenges and achieve success in every project we undertake.

Iterative Development Cycle

We follow an iterative development cycle that emphasizes incremental progress and continuous improvement. By breaking a project into smaller, more manageable iterations, we can quickly adapt to changes, incorporate feedback, and iteratively improve our solutions. This approach allows us to deliver value to our customers faster while maintaining flexibility and responsiveness throughout the development process.

Custom Solutions as per Business Needs

We understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges, goals, and requirements. We are always ready for close cooperation, acting as partners and co-authors with our clients. By working closely with our clients and gaining a deep understanding of their business processes and workflows, we can develop solutions that solve their pain points, optimize their operations, and drive their success.

Continuous Testing in Different Environments

We conduct comprehensive testing across multiple environments, including development, staging, and production, to identify and resolve any issues early in the development lifecycle.

Strategic Roadmap with Clear Milestones

We maintain a forward-looking roadmap for the coming months, supported by detailed estimates for the coming weeks. Despite potential changes to our work, our commitment to maintaining a structured plan of action remains unchanged.

Using AWS Well-Architected Framework for the Best Results

This framework is a comprehensive guide that provides industry-proven best practices and architectural models for building secure, high-performance, resilient, and efficient cloud applications. By adhering to the principles outlined in it, we ensure that our solutions are carefully designed, scalable, and cost-effective.

Reasons to Choose Gearheart

Gearheart is an excellent option for your development needs for a few important aspects.

AWS-Certified Developers

Result-Oriented Service

Proprietary Risk Mitigation Strategies

Vast Portfolio

AWS Development Technologies & Tools

Scalable web applications

Serverless workloads with dynamic scaling and cost optimization

Archiving, backup, and recovery


Workload Monitoring

Managing Users and Permissions

Our clients tell more

I have evaluated several companies, each of which I have met personally. Gearheart was my choice the moment I met them - we spoke the same language from the start. I really liked their attitude, their culture, their willingness to listen, their commitment to solving customer problems and creating the best product in their niche.

Jon Darbyshire
Jon Darbyshire,
CEO at SmartSuite

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