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Mar 9, 2023Business
7 Best Examples of No-Code Platforms in 2023

Learn about the top no-code and the best low-code development platforms. Find out how to choose the right software

Feb 23, 2023Business
What is the Future of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in 2023 and Beyond

What is the future of CRM? Learn what trends customer relationship management systems have to follow to be relevant in 2023

Dec 13, 2022Technology
How to create a timelapse video from frames

We’ll tell you how to create a video timelapse from a sequence of snapshots and provide customers with video playlists optimized for browser playback.

Dec 8, 2022Technology
How to create a route finder on an SVG map

In one of our recent projects, we had an interesting case: the whole application was built around an interactive map for a fairly large shopping mall, and the main goal of the system was to plot the closest route to a user-selected destination.

Dec 5, 2022Business
Mobile App Maintenance: Importance, Costs and Best Practices

Mobile App Maintenance: Importance, Costs and Best Practices

Nov 29, 2022Technology
React Performance Testing with Jest

One of the key requirements for modern UI is being performant. No matter how beautiful your app looks and what killer features it offers, it will frustrate your users if it clangs.

Nov 7, 2022Business
How to Create a Custom Virtual Classroom Software for Online Teaching?

Learn how custom virtual classroom software development can improve online teaching and benefit your business.

Oct 24, 2022Business
Rules and Tips for Good UI Design in Web Application

Benefits and rules of user interface design in web app

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