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ReactJS is undoubtedly one of the most powerful front-end libraries that allows you to create fast and scalable applications with high performance. At one time, our web development team moved away from Angular, choosing React for its component-based architecture, virtual DOM, simplicity and community support. Our projects written in React include SmartSuiteJiffsyTimerNeptyneGalateaOcilex. Below we will explain in detail why React may be the best choice for your application.

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Our React.js Development Services

You can follow the example of Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, BBC and make the React front-end framework a core part of your UI development.

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Apps We Can Build for You

React's versatility, performance, and vast ecosystem make it a suitable choice for various types of web and mobile apps across industries.

Enterprise Apps

These applications encompass a wide range of functionalities, including ERP systems, CRM systems, HRM platforms, collaboration tools, Business Intelligence tools for data analysis and decision-making, etc. You can test how powerful React.js is for building complex web applications with the SmartSuite work management operating system, which provides the ability to build robust workflows through a visual interface.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are designed to work seamlessly across different devices and platforms, offering features such as offline capabilities, push notifications, and installation prompts, giving users an app-like experience directly through the web browser. Examples of PWAs include Twitter Lite, Pinterest, and Starbucks. Our Jiffsy project utilizes innovative Jamstack and PWA technologies to streamline the process of mobile-first storefront creation and integration for fashion brands.

Single Page Apps

Single page applications (SPAs) are web applications that run on a single HTML page and dynamically update content as users interact with it, without reloading the entire page from the server. React works great for SPAs due to its use of virtual DOM representation and reusable UI components. Examples of SPAs include Gmail, Twitter, and Spotify's web player.

Social Apps

Social applications span various purposes, including social networking (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), messaging (e.g., WhatsApp, Snapchat), photo and video sharing (e.g., Instagram, TikTok), dating (e.g., Tinder, Bumble), professional networking (e.g., LinkedIn), and discussion forums (e.g., Reddit, Quora). Such apps that require a dynamic and interactive user interface are built using React as well as React Native for their versions on iOS and Android devices.

Real-time Apps

These apps rely on technologies that enable immediate data transmission and processing, allowing users to interact with the app and receive responses in real-time. Real-time apps are often used in various contexts, including messaging platforms, live streaming services, online gaming, collaborative editing tools, financial trading platforms, etc. In our portfolio you will find Ocilex, a construction monitoring application. Using React and other technologies, we created an app that allows users to monitor the construction process of a building in real time by connecting to CCTV cameras on site. Users can create timelapses, compare snapshots from different days, and compare timelapse or camera images and a 3D model of the building.

What You Can Expect from Our React.JS Development Services

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React is highly compatible with other tools and works well with any back-end technology.
React, Node.js, GraphQL, Typescript, Django, FastAPI, Python, ElasticSearch, AWS, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, Cypress

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What I appreciate most about Gearheart is that they are self organized, Customer and problem solving oriented, easy to work with. Great English, no communication gaps or whatsoever. Great culture: respectful, caring, self motivated. Strong technical aptitude and knowledge. Very talented team.

Jon Darbyshire
Jon Darbyshire,
CEO at SmartSuite


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